Poem 12

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Feelings like a random number generator,

Counting clouds under my skin,

Don’t know what’s expected,

Pull your punches with paraffin.

Too many directions being sought,

Incinerate my soul,

Dance upon the devil’s tip,

Grind me up against the wall.

Why can’t I just disappear?

Leave behind traceless shadows,

There’s no night that needs me,

No day with clearing meadows.

What it means to be understood,

Figured out for favourites,

I see in you what you see in me,

This pale blue light emits.

We live alone, we die alone,

Never really radically connected,

Drink up the reality redeemer,

Make me less affected.

Free me from flesh and bone,

Let me escape into ether,

Freedom is found inside stars,

Transcend through the nether.

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