Poem 13

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Searching for lasting longing,
In a sea of familiar faces,
I dream of being free,
From my thoughts,
From my expectations,
So I may sail into your arms.

It’s exhausting doing nothing,
But quietly existing here,
Piece together purpose,
Build a lasting loom,
To weave my life in place,
Full of verifiable value.

We all need air to swallow,
When we’re caught under,
Those wicked waves,
Breathing is not enough,
If we are ambitiously adventurous,
Seeking silently our cause.

If I put in enough work,
To drive towards prosperity,
Not in righteous riches,
But in everlasting experience,
Will I feel the emptiness,
Fade into obscurity.

Only then will I be worthy,
Of your gentle embrace,
To melt away my melancholy,
Fill my heart with humility,
I’ll be only yours to love,
I’ll be rested in rapture.

Yet the journey never ends,
There’s always lands to discover,
Work the waking beast,
That consumes the culpability,
Of denying the completion,
Of feeling whole within.

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