Poem 11

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Dig up your past,
Dig up your past,
Buried demons and trash,
Good vibes not meant to last.

The mistakes you make,
A bitter pill to take,
Look who’s learning now?
There’s no mood to fake.

Dreams turn to nightmares,
Creeping up on me unawares,
Will you give me release?
I’ll give you truth to your dares.

Signpost me to the moment,
It’s the “now” that’s most potent,
Don’t want time to dwell,
Don’t wanna be a hungry rodent.

Oneday I’ll find my peace,
No more joy to fleece,
I’ll be where I need to be,
A well oiled machine with grease.

Until then, watch me burn,
I’ll use my other cheek to turn,
Breathe the air at break of dawn,
It’s no longer my concern.

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