Poem 14

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Pull the rhythm from the sun,
This moment has just begun,
Heat up, beat up your senses,
Don’t worry about people’s glances.

Something needs to change,
Speak up, foot forward, rearrange,
Time is always against us,
Do what mother nature does.

Ambition drives us to create,
Winter comes so hibernate,
Wake up, shake down, overcharge,
Push your senses to the verge.

It doesn’t matter what you shatter,
Break the mould for the better,
Ready yourself to the cause,
Give no thought or sight to pause.

Not much longer now to achieve,
It’s more than what you believe,
Push through, gain ground, motivate,
One more step to celebrate.

You made it here without remorse,
Your steady sails made the course,
Be proud of your steady resilience,
Now make the world in your preference.

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