Ramblings in Solitude If you’re reading this, then….welcome!

If you’re reading this, then….welcome!

Hello fellow people of the world!

This blog was originally intended for something else (which is described below) and while I am looking to keep the essence or spirit of that in mind now, I am looking to dedicate this blog more to accumulating written accounts I’ve made, from different places around the internet, and will use them to explain why I am where I am now. The idea is to hopefully have a better way to guide people in their own journey. I will look to offer a history, an insight into my human condition and why I feel ready to move forward and look to make a change for the good of all mankind.
I hope that is the start you need to look into this blog and hopefully you will find some kind of solution for yourself to progress.

Thank you for reading and may you be well on your own journey.


(Original ‘About’ section)

The motivation behind the creation of this blog is fundamentally one of personal experimentation.

To begin with, I’m hoping to start by exploring an area in our society, which I personally feel, can be somewhat controversial – the area of mental health. This subject has been prevalent for me throughout my time on this planet, and I am looking to explore how significant ‘lived experience’ of such a world really is. I’m currently diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder by the psychiatric system, and the journey has been an interesting one for me to put it mildly. What I’m looking to start doing is sharing what would be considered diary entries, in which I’ll look to go into detail about how I’ve been affected. I’ll look to honestly (maybe brutally so) convey how I handle the emotions, thought processes and so forth and look to give insight into what it can be like. Of course, it may turn out to be a complete failure, but then – what are experiments for?

Aside from that, I’m also hoping to use the blog as a creative outlet, for writing and from time to time, to display drawings and other things. I would also like for it to be a therapeutic tool, where possible.

As not to come across as being too self-centered, I would sincerely like for someone else  to get something out of this. Somewhere amongst the chaos, I really want to be of some use to others, enough to make a small difference that matters.


Well, if you’ve made it this far – thanks for taking the time to read. I’d be glad if it were worth it.



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