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Shifting Towards The Future

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Some may say that once you have your health that things will get easier, and in some respects this is true, however there are always challenges ahead that test us around every corner.

Right now I am struggling financially, which limits what I can do with my life, but I am doing my best to lessen the damage done to my account. While this should be a source of stress, it actually isn’t. I’m finding ways to cope with it, as well as free ways to have meals and cope with acquiring groceries. It actually feels like I’m living in abundance despite not being able to do everything I want to. However, this will change when I get some money coming in this next Tuesday and then I’ll really be able to generate some cash flow.

Lately my mind tends to be at peace, with only the very basic and limited thoughts when I require myself to do actions to help myself and others. My spirit is very much at ease, which puts me in a position to be the wounded healer I was always destined to be. I am walking my path as a Shaman, healing my community one person at a time, without them even knowing about it.

I feel very much alive, in control of my own destiny. There’s nothing I can’t do now if I put my mind and resources to it. It’s a wonderful place to be in. I just have to choose which flow to go with when it comes to going with the flow. I see multiple futures ahead of me now, with the choices I make and the people I choose to invest my time in. It’s very exciting to know that no matter which one I choose, there will be joy and happiness to be had, just having the experience being in this liberated state of body, mind and spirit.

Hopefully soon I can add more here about what is going on in my life, and how I will be growing as a spiritual starseed, thriving in a world of turmoil and chaos. I am ready for anything and everything and I’ll be taking you all along with me.


PS. Watch out for new contributors to this blog in future. I am no longer alone in my journey and feel thankful to have many collaborators now.

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