Ramblings in Solitude Thoughts of the day What Makes Us Who We Are?

What Makes Us Who We Are?


What principles define how you live?

I would say being genuine to yourself and others is a good start. Being as honest as possible, because let’s face it, if we were 100% honest all the time then the closest people to us would get hurt. It’s important for me to be kind and considerate, yet if someone is hostile to me or triggers me, then you’ll sometimes get a different beast.

Having sound ethics and morals are important to me and I painstakingly look to uphold these, especially when being tested.

I believe talking to people in front of them about issues you have with them is far better than discussing it behind their back. Being direct and blunt I prefer over tiptoeing around a topic.

Other than that, I want to be able to authentically love as many people as possible, because there are definitely those out there that need it and deserve it. A heartfelt act can go a long way.


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