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Involuntary prisoners

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How many people in the world consider themselves in confinement, regardless of their situation?

They may get up everyday next to their partner, greeting their children as breakfast is undertaken. They may walk out the door early in the day on their way to the familiar career that they have. They may have lunch with friends. They may attend a performance of some sort in the evening. They may greet their mistress or secret lover late at night before going home. Some may have more or less.

Yet, behind going through the motions they may still feel locked in chains and shackles.

Every set of walls they come to reside in may remind them of how trapped they really feel, and how much they wish they were free to do as they please, or be liberated to discover what that was.

I may live a life locked away in my own prison, escaping once in a while to taste a world out of these four walls. Yet rather than seek a way to be free from it, I’d prefer to create freedom from within it. This is currently my journey as I see it.

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