The Assault On Truth: Freud and Child Sexual Abuse – Paperback


A daring look at the themes of childhood sexual abuse in arms of practising psychoanalyst, Jeffrey Masson.

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In 1981 Jeffrey Masson, then a practising psychoanalyst and director of the Freud Archives, used his privileged access to Freud’s long-unpublished letters to challenge the very foundations of Freudian theory. The Assault on Truth asserts that Freud, personally reluctant to face the reality of sexual abuse of children and fearing negative public reaction to such a shocking theory, abandoned a valid scientific finding. Freud’s revised theory – that his patients’ ‘memories’ of seduction and rape were in fact fantasies – became and remains the basis for the whole science of psychoanalysis; it is a theory, Masson argues, that needs careful re-examination.


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