Learning What is Right, Instead of Wrong

Today I have finished my fourth lesson in the counselling skills course and it’s safe to say that I’m getting a lot out of it. Even if I’m not enthusiastic on the day, I still manage to feel better when I sit down to learn and I can be engaged in the theory work. I especially like the part of the lesson where we practice the counselling skills with a fellow classmate; like I expected, I tend to prefer learning that way.

There is a nagging feeling that gets to me when I’m away from the class environment though and it probably has to do with the effects of the isolation on my self. I tend to become deflated, fall into negative thought patterns and lose confidence in myself and my abilities. It’s not all the time, but I feel I will have to make more of an effort to escape the isolation and find more reasons to go out into the world, which I’ve mentioned before anyway and is a continuing problem for me.

It’s nice to get encouraging feedback, both from tutor on the homework and the skills practice from my partner in the class. It feels like what I’m doing is more like the right kind of fit for me and that does bring me some reassurance and faith that I’m doing what I need to be doing.

At this point, it’s more a case of maintaining and building upon the positive experiences and trying to rework the negative ones into something better.

Beginnings in Counselling

I recently started a counselling skills course in my town, now attending week three today, and it was mentioned that as part of the process it’d be a good habit to get into recording our experience, to reflect and contemplate on, which I’m looking to do in these blog entries for the rest of the year.

The first lesson. was my introduction back into higher education, which I hadn’t done for some time and I was fairly eager, but nervous, going into it. We were given the entire course outline on that day, which left myself and others a bit overwhelmed, but I was inspired and full of anticipation for the next lesson. With the ongoing problems that I do have, the course is proving to give me something to hold onto to give me more meaning and worth in my life, which has proven itself in the following two lessons, and I’m thankful for that.

I learn better through practice, so I was eager today to put the skills we’ve been taught about into motion by teaming up with a partner to test ourselves. While I still have a long way to go, I find this aspect comfortable and I’m hoping I can keep learning the right techniques to become a better active listener.

I am feeling though, with what I do have to face on a daily basis, that there is some disillusionment at times and I generally get swept up into my own dark world of isolation. Eventually I will have to face that side of my life if I am prepared to carry on through to the following levels of the course, so maybe in a way it can partially be addressed in this arena.

Saying that, I feel confident in my ability to do the work and the skills I’ve already picked up or developed as I’ve been in the position of helping others, so I’m pleased to be in the position I’m in.




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