Poem 9

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The cracked fixtures on the wall,
Don’t cover me at all,
Damaged beyond repair,
Fix my shoddy hair.

I’m lost in messy affairs,
Caught me unawares,
Let’s punch this ticket,
Let’s stop the racket.

Fistfuls of broken glass,
Strangers get a pass,
Open up the room,
Let my dreams bloom.

Another day and I’ll be gone,
What’s said can’t be undone,
I’ll fight for you anyway,
Just don’t make me obey.

I see a light through despair,
Don’t need a soul to bare,
Pick me up or put me down,
I’ll wear a halo as a crown.

When you see my bloody frame,
Your view of me will be the same,
Yet the difference set apart,
You lost my love from the start.

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