And That’s the Waaay it Goes.

Lately I’ve felt closed down spiritually and…..rather than continue with a list of things that I could talk about in how I’ve not been doing as well as per usual I think I’ll go off in a different direction.

Pure rambling, as I’m not coming in with any preconceived idea of what I want to write – maybe I’m just writing for the sake of writing right now. I wonder if a single post from someone seemingly insignificant can have a ripple effect on someone who is searching for meaning in their own life. It’s simply not enough to survive, even when that can mean the world to you. There reaches a point where being a more efficient mechanism for change is more appropriate and it goes beyond a search for meaning and worth. Meaning and worth is already there it’s simply knowing how to best utilise that. It’s rare to find people who genuinely want to make a difference in this world beyond their own self interests to obtain greater riches and rewards. Some of us are not in it for exuberance or fine material riches that overwhelm and dominate a person’s life. Some of us are are wanting to envision a world where human kind comes first and people have exactly what they need, rather than what they’re brainwashed into thinking they need and go out to strive to achieve.

It’s not a new message, especially from me, but I could say I’m tired of being around people who are happy not wanting to change, or being around people who think that having pleasure by any means possible is the way to go.

It’s a lonely world when all you think about is wanting to better yourself in order to be a better humanitarian for the people you hope you can one day make a positive difference to. Otherwise all those creature comforts sometimes taken for granted don’t mean much of anything. If we can’t be here to profoundly help one another, then it’s not a part of a world I want to be in.

Yet I’m not oblivious to the challenges people face in simply just trying to exist. Existing in itself is challenge enough without having to think of others. Perhaps they are the people in need the most, because living just for the sake of living is no place for anyone to be. We all need the freedom to express our thoughts, pick the life choices we want to make and maybe there’s an irony in me pointing that out, because how can we look to all be helping one another if we have different ideas about how we wish to live our lives. Some people simply want to be selfish after a long period of having to exist without anyone caring about them.

Maybe I’m looking to reach out to the people that would rather use their knowledge and experience to help people while they venture on their own personal journey, regardless what that may be. Coming from a town that doesn’t seem to care much about promoting activities and missions to push people forward in order to thrive leaves me a longing, searching and wanting for something better. Perhaps I can be a catalyst and strive to create something better, if only a minuscule level. Maybe that’s how it starts. I can’t do it alone though and I’m tired of being in solitude after these many years of ruminating on my own thoughts and where my place is in the world. One day you simply have to break free from the restraints you put on yourself. I don’t want to use clichés any more, I want to see thought put into action and a true difference being made. It could be something I start this moment.

The next step is the all important one.

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