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A History of Video Games – The journey of the Human Condition Pt. 1

Sitting down to set about writing about a life time of video game playing can by itself, be a fairly gargantuan task. Going into how that shapes you as a person; how it teaches you about relationships; how it tackles your deepest fears; how it becomes your only companion in a world of loneliness and many other things – is something else entirely.

For some, video games are just a bit of fun. Something to unwind to. A way to have a laugh. In other people’s eyes, video games are not meant to be taken seriously, after all, they’re more aimed at kids and juvenile adults, right?

I start this chapter with some hesitance and some conviction.

I am looking to make a case for how video games can be an essential coping mechanism for those who come to find themselves lost to the harsher realities of the human condition. When all else is failing and crumbling down around a person, sometimes it is the unconventional and unorthodox which is the only way to survive it.

This is something I need to take care with and take time to explain, to go into, and I hope it will do it justice.

I will start from the time of being barely old enough to witness it, through till now. Hopefully part 2 will come soon.

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